Vidnyan Ranjan Competition 2018

Vidnyan Ranjan Competition 2018

• No entrance fee. Attractive prizes.
• You can find the answers to the questions given below, on your own, or by asking anyone, or by searching anywhere or performing the experiments yourself.
• Answer as many questions as you can on a foolscape paper.
• Send your answers to Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Pune vibhag, Tilak Smarak Mandir, Tilak Road, Pune 411030 before 15th February 2018.
• Winners of the preliminary round will be announced on National Science Day i.e. 28th February 2018.
• Decisions of the judges will be considered final.
• The final round will be held on 4th March 2018 in Pune.
• The final round shall consist of practical experiments.
• Scores will be normalized accross age groups and educational qualifications by giving bonus points according to the following tables –

Bonus Points : By Educational Qualification
Till 5th Standard- 10
Till 7th Standard- 9
10th Pass- 7
12th Pass- 5
Graduate (Non-Science Branch)- 3
Graduate (Science Branch)- 0

Bonus Points: By Age Group
Upto 13 years- 6
14 to 16- 4
17 to 20- 2
21 to 40- 0
41 to 60- 2
61 to 80- 4
Beyond 81 years- 6

Send your responses along with the following information –
1. Full Name
2. Address With PIN Code
3. Telephone or Mobile Phone Number
4. E-Mail ID
5. Date of Birth
6. Educational Qualification
7. Occupation
8. Bonus Points
(According to the above table = Educational Qualification Bonus Points + Age Group Bonus Points)


Q1. Answer the following on the basis of observations. (10 points) :
1. Which month in this year’s calendar does not have a full moon day ?
2. How many feathers does a badminton shuttle-cock have ?
3. Which is the westernmost point in Maharashtra state ?
4. What is the minimum amount of time for which you can set an alarm in an alarm clock ?
5. Measure the feet of at least ten people and tell how many people have a longer left foot.
6. Which keys on a computer keyboard can be identified just by touch ?
7. Sometimes a strange number is seen on the TV screen. What is it ?
8. Which is the most electricity consuming appliance in your house ? How much electricity does it consume ?
9. Describe the smell that you get when you mix salt and baking soda together.
10. If you keep two rectangles of the same dimensions one above the other, what shape do you get ?

Q2. Identify “Who Am I?” in the Following Statements (10 points):
1. Not only Saturn, I have rings too.
2. Any step taken from me is towards the North.
3. I opened the windows of the computer for the world.
4. I study wind, clouds, vapour, sunshine.
5. I am present in the name of many men. I live in Gir.
6. Among the three, I am the smallest. If you drop us all, only one of the two will fall and I seldom fall.
7. RAM, ROM, WAN, LAN are all words associated with me.
8. I am an astronomer who lost his nose in a sword fight, and fit a silver nose in its place.
9. I have beaten the world champion Go player for the last two years in a row.
10. Irrespective of pressure and altitude, I always measure 0 degree Celcius.

Q3. Given below are three related things. Fill in the fourth. (20 points):
1. Egg, Larva, Pupa, ___
2. 8, 13, 21, ___
3. Venus, Earth, Mars, ___
4. Point, Segment, Ray, ___
5. Atom, Nucleus, Proton, ___
6. Cotton, ?, Thread, ___
7. ङ, ञ, ण, ___
8. Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, ___
9. Gravitational, Electro-magnetic, Strong, ___
10. Galileo, Newton, Einstein, ___

Q4. Give Scientific Reasons. (20 marks):
1. Ice is lighter than water.
2. The burning sensation on the tongue caused by chilli can be stopped by milk or ghee.
3. We reflexively say “बाप रे” when afraid and “आई गं” when suddenly injured.
4. The instances of leopards entering human settlements have increased.
5. There are boogers in the nose.
6. For forests with large trees like pines, fires are essential.
7. In some Adivasis, animals (like cattle) newly bought from the market are kept separate for three days.
8. What is the name of the shape of the medicine capsule. Why is the capsule shaped that way ?
9. Why can mobile phones vibrate ?
10. Cyclist sportspeople wear lycra pants.

Q5. Give detailed answers. (15 points)
1. Compare sprinkle irrigation and drip irrigation.
2. How are smog, acid rain and greenhouse gases related to transport ?
3. Which rivers in India import water ? Which of them export ?
4. What measures should be taken to prevent bacteria from becoming resistant to anti-biotics ?
5. How is blood formed in the body ?

Q6. Answer in short (10 points)
1. Write five real numbers (non-integers) that can be expressed in a single word i.e. without saying “point” etc.
2. What is an effective remedy for clearing a blocked nose ?
3. How do plants make food in sunlight ?
4. On the cricket field, which are the points on the boundary closest to and farthest from the batsman?
5. Which is the misplaced number among these – 1, 4, 14, 64, 144
6. There is a school where the percentage students passing in the 10th standard board exam is always the half of the overall passing percentage of the board exam. One year however, the passing percentage of the school as well as the board turned out to be the same. How is this possible ?
7. Among the ‘Devani’, ‘Khilari’, ‘Dangi’ and ‘Kandhari’ breeds of cow, which cow is always white ? Which one is always red ?
8. What is the name of the first planet to be discovered outside our solar system (exoplanet) ? What is the name of its sun ?
9. How many rotations per minute does a top require to make in order to stay spinning upright ?
How do you measure those rotations ?
10. What is the secret of the trick candle which stays burning even if you blow it ?

Q7. Write Multiple Answers (15 points)
1. Using the numbers from 1 to 5, each only once and the BODMAS rule, write multiple arithmetic expressions which evaluate to 99.
2. On the chessboard, if the bishop visits each square once, what will its route be ? (With minimum and maximum turns.)
3. Which geometric figures can be drawn using 2,3, 4,5 and 6 right angled triangles of equal size ? Show with constructions / drawings.
4. Fill a glass with water to the brim. Place a paper with printed English text behind it and try to read. Which letters do not appear inverted ?

Q8. Write a Drama Scene (15 points)
A person who is scientist or researcher has formed the seed of a new idea in her/his mind. You are close to this person and are having a conversation with the scientist / researcher so that the idea is developed well and proven correct.
Imagine this situation and write a drama scene (2 to 3 pages).

Vidnyan Ranjan Competition is an opportunity to conduct scientific enquiry on your own. Do participate and encourage others too. You can copy and distribute this question sheet. You can discuss your answers with others. Science progresses by experiment and discussion.
There are encouragement prizes for good answers. You can also help us financially for the same.

Contact: Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Pune Vibhag
Vinay R.R. 9422048967
Sanjay M.K. 9552526909

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